Wojtyla Night 6

Wojtyla Night 6 #

Wojtyla Night 6

Hosted by Cathedral Young Adults at St. Mary Cathedral in Austin, TX.

  1. Selections from “The Jeweler’s Shop” by Karol Wojtyla, Michael Schattle
  2. “The General” by Dispatch, Rhett Jones
  3. Original Poetry, John Weaver
  4. Original Song, Mariana B
  5. Collaborative Art Piece, Nick McCann and Alex Lohn
  6. Original Poetry, Fr. Will Rooney
  7. Original Poetry, James Obute
  8. Original Paintings and Prints, Catholic Art with Environmental and Social Justice Themes, Hannah Loveland
  9. “Where the Soul Never Dies”, Traditional Song, Jessica MacNair and Louis Grace
  10. Original Poem, Nick McCann
  11. Original Poetry, Maria Schloeder
  12. Original Poetry, Louise V
  13. Original Poetry, Alex Lohn
  14. Exhibition of Paintings, Garrett McMillan
  15. Latin Poetry Recital, Joseph Vasquez
  16. Original Poetry, Dane Macaulay
  17. Improvisational Song, Ethan
  18. Original Song, Luke Bellet

A Poem by Nick McCann #

I dedicate this poem to the time we have with each other.

The span of time between our birth and death is a wink, a blink. A tear drop is the river, and on the riversides are plenty of warm bodies basking, some laying bare backed, others resting belly up. If you turn your attention to the time, you will see it is still running forward. Now, turn your attention to the now and you will see yourself standing while the world spins, stars stream, beasts and men dance, fire and water mix, and everything is veiled in a gentle steam. Fingers caress your skin and the universe holds its breath. Stop…. Tick…tick…tick…an exhale from the belly of time opens up prickly pear blooms and prickly needle wounds. Tears come running from my eyes. In the tragedy of life, what more can save us except beauty that both perfumes and pierces us? A wink. A blink. A tear drop. A river. Time. I am glad to be here on this side with you for as long as my body is given.